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X-Ray Results
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Patient Advocacy

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Have one of our team members pick you up or meet you at your appointment.

Medical visits are not just about being seen by a doctor. It is important for patients to be able to ask questions and express concerns whenever necessary.  Our patient advocates are trained to the highest standards of personal care in order to ensure that your safety, health, and needs are met.

New Services
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Hospital visits can be a hassle and visiting a provider is time consuming.

Our concierge services include home visits with a provider for your medical needs including physical exams, ultrasound and x-ray imaging, EKG’s, minor procedures such as suturing and I&D’s, intramuscular injections, phlebotomy, vaccination administration, and more. In the event that an ER visit is necessary, we will accompany and stay with you providing guidance and support throughout your stay.


Doctor Talking To Patient

Mobile Medical Services 

Donating Blood


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Get your blood drawn in the comfort of your home 

Our in-home blood draws offer expedited results from state of the art laboratories, often the next day. We carefully review your lab results with you, and will guide you through any additional steps if necessary.

Concirg escort
Home Visits
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Mobile IV drips customized for your health  

 This 30 minute process works wonders for your health and overall well being. We recommend IV’s for preventive and maintenance measures, as well as to help treat certain medical conditions. Our IV infusions include vitamin B complexes, B-12 specific complex, zinc, vitamin C, L-carnitine, Glutathione, and others that are carefully chosen to address your specific needs. 

Water Drops

The Power of Hydration



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For Events, Corporations, Traveling & more

Med2u Inc. offers Covid-19 tests for individuals, groups, and events. We utilize the highly sensitive and specific sputum collection method for our testing.

The Sputum collection delivers the highest sensitivity for Covid-19 detection with minimal contact. Additionally, we offer the RT-PCR collected via nasal swab with results as quick as 30 minutes. Both tests are FDA approved and accepted in countries around the world.


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