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Tailored uniquely to you

We understand the nature of the current healthcare system in which the patient is in a vulnerable state and the doctors are regularly overworked. This does not leave room for the much needed doctor-patient relationship. At Med2u Inc.,

Sick and Wellness Visits

Sick & Wellness Visits

Home visits by Med2u Inc.

Wellness and sick visits at patients’ residence.

Medical Liaison

Medical Liaison

Assigned medical professional accompanies patients to medical appointments and surgical procedures to answer/ask and advocate on patients behalf.

Rapid testing by Med2u Inc.

Rapid Testing

A quick diagnostic method used to detect specific proteins (antigens) from a virus, typically within minutes. A sample is taken from the nasal cavity or throat.

Blood Draws

Blood Draws

Blood Draws by Med2u Inc.

For our patient’s convenience we offer a quick 15-30 minute blood draw at the patients’ residence.

Medical Imaging



Medical Imaging by Med2u Inc.

In-home mobile x-rays and ultrasounds.

Expedited Appts



Expedited appts by Med2u Inc.

Our team works hard to secure last minute
appointments with specialty doctors.

Casos Medical Case

Have the Right Meds When You Need Them the Most.

Your Personalized Medication Kit

IV Drip



IV Drips by Med2u Inc.

Hydration, immune boost, and NAD+ infusion.



Vaccines at the comfort of your home

Vaccines by Med2u Inc.
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