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Patient Advocacy

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Have a PA pick you or meet you at your appointment 

We understand the nature of the traditional health system where the patient is in a vulnerable and the doctors are regularly over worked, not leaving much room for a relationship. At Med2u Inc. all our team members are trained in hospitality we pay attention of what’s important to you and your family, creating an intimate relationship to keep your personal needs in mind when it’s most essential.

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Hospital visits can be a hassle, and visiting a provider is a timely process.

Our medical concierge services include home visits with a medical provider for full physical exam with diagnosis, imaging - ultrasound/EKG/x-ray, minor non surgical procedures - sutures, incisim, drainage, intramuscular injections, and vaccination administration.  In instances where hospital visits are necessary our PA accompanies you for guidance and support. Med2u Inc. priority is to ensure a smooth medical experience whether it is an emergency or preventative care.  

Brain Scan

Mobile Medical Services 

Donating Blood

Blood Draws 

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Get your blood intact in the comfort of your home 

Our in-home blood draws offer next day results from state of the art labs. We carefully reviews your lab results with you to establish preventative measures.  

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Mobile IV drips customized for your health  

IVs are set up by our experienced paramedics in the comfort of your home. This 30 minute process works wonders to your health and overall well being. We recommend IVs for preventive measures as well as current health status.

IV infusions with vitamin B complex, B12 complex, Zinc, Vitamin C, L carnitine, Gluathione, and more to suit your scenario.  


The Power of Hydration



For Events, Corporations, Traveling & more

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Med2u Inc. partners with a highly sophisticated government approved lab that has advanced technology for quick and accurate results.  We offer a painless method of sample collection via a spit cup.

The Sputum collection delivers the highest sensitivity for Covid-19 detection with minimal contact. Additionally, we offer the RT-PCR collected via nasal swab with results as quick as 30 minutes. Both tests are FDA approved and accepted in countries around the world.

Med2u Inc. offers Covid-19 tests for individuals, groups, and events. Let us know about your plans and let us deliver the solution.   

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Doctor with Mammography
Hospital Corridor
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