Who We Are?

Med2u Inc. is a premium medical concierge service based in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles that provides superior, secure, and safe in-person rapid Covid-19 testing for private customers and corporations. 

About Our Concierge Referral Program 

Designed for Concierges, Travel Agencies,  Hotels, and Event Venues, our Referral Program allows you to earn money while keeping your business and customers safe. We offer generous benefits for each Covid-19 test that is referred and use an easy system to track appointments, tests administered, test results, and promptly pay referral dues every week.  Med2u Inc. is trusted by leading industry brands for our safe and fast testing, including:

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This Is For You If You... 

Interact with clients and customers on a daily basis, or work in event production, then our referral program will be a great additional benefit to your job.  Our referral program is best suited for: 

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Film Production CCO

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Hotel agents

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Travel Agents

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Incredible Benefits

We offer a $15 dollar referral reward for every test booked and a one-time $100 reward each time you sign another company up for our program -- plus an extra bonus of $250 every 100th test you refer! Med2u Inc. pays every Friday through Zelle or your preferred choice.  

How it Works

All appointments booked and tests administered are documented in a shared Google spreadsheet. Don’t worry -- that’s our job. We make the process of referring easy so that it’s easy for you to share the peace of mind that comes with negative Covid-19 test results.  All tests are safe and secure, tracked, and easy accessible with same day availability. Results are ready within 24 hours. 

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1. Apply

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2. Get approved

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3. Promote

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4. Earn Commission

Crossing the Finish Line

Your Reward

By recommending Med2u Inc. tests during your daily interactions with customers, you can earn more at your job and prevent the spread of Covid-19.  

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Easy tracked with shared Google sheet

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$15 per test referral

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$100 every time another company signs up through you

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$250 dollars bonus every 100th test 

Hotel Desk Check-In

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Referral Program

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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