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Membership Programs

Med2u Inc. offers a tailored medical experience, we focus on your every medical need while delivering a white glove experience. Our team is committed to be there for you when you need us and hold your hand and navigate the health system.

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Your health is the single, most important part of your existence.

Our team is here to serve as a single solution for all your medical needs and keep record of your health.

We deliver a white glove medical experience and always putting your needs first.

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The Elite Membership Program gives you the power to extend our services when a staff member, friend or loved one is facing a healthcare challenge, by opening the doors to the highest level of medical expertise and providing a team to navigate the healthcare system for them.

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A medical solution for organizations, events and productions. Offering an array of services tailored to keep your team healthy and back at work as soon as possible. Our mobile team will set up a clinic at your company event to provide expert medical care anywhere in the country.

Self Care
Elite Program
Corporate Care
A Yacht at Sea
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Designed to serve the yacht industry, delivering expert medical care on board in the shortest amount of time. We focus to keep the crew healthy and their vessel on schedule. 

Marina Solution
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