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Covid 19 Testing for Events

Gather with peace of mind in a Safe Environment


James De Lucas

Best Covid Testing Team Ever… By now I am sure I am not the only one who has been tested again and again, but Med2U was friendly, gentle, and quick with results. I had to be tested by them 2x over a 4 day period when I was at a hotel for a conference and then it was back to London for me. Each time process was smooth and then I was promptly sent my results. Great work, Great team.  


Serving The Event Industry

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Ensuring Your Guests Are Safe And Covid Free 

We understand the challenges of gathering during this time while maintaining a  safe environment for your guests. Our top priority is preventing the spread of  Covid-19 and taking control with precautionary measures. Med2u Inc. provides you the confidence that comes knowing the health of your guest is protected while delivering a white glove experience.


With Med2u Inc.’s integrated event testing service, you’ll mitigate  transmission of Covid-19 at your event and ensure the safety of your  guests.  


Flexible Testing Options Designed to Fit Your Needs

We provide a range of the most up-to-date reliable testing options currently  available. We make the process of testing large groups simple, safe, and fast by  setting up a pop-up clinic at any location. The Testing Schedule is customized to fit your  specific testing needs for each event based on the number of guests, testing times,  and location requirements.


We offer multiple options when it comes to delivering the results. This is designed to ensure all necessary parties are notified in real time and avoid guests having to wait for results and be able to join the event as soon as they screen negative.


• Rapid Antigen test results are available 20 mins from sample collection.


• Our Swift PCR test results are available 30 mins from sample collection.   

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Our Promise

Our on-site set up is second to none, as we pride ourselves on delivering.

Our Team

• Experts in the Hospitality industry

• Friendly Medical Professionals

• Experienced Gentle Technicians

• Enforced strict confidentiality   


Our Process

• Efficient and seamless experience

• Up-to-date and most reliable tests available

• Quickest Result turnaround times

• Results shared in Real time

• Individual reports sent to each guest 

Our Service

• Service at the highest level