Doctor's Appointment



Med2u Inc. is aware of the severe shortage in testing and the frequent delays and back-logs that labs are experiencing. We understand the burden that Doctors are facing with testing themselves and their patients in order to plan and schedule appointments firmly. Therefore, we have partnered with a highly sophisticated government approved lab that has a high capacity for consistent testing without any delays. Knowing when you will receive the results will give you the flexibility to schedule testing as needed and according to surgery and procedure dates. We accommodate same day appointments for critical procedures so that there’s no further delay.

Keep your practice Covid free by testing at our location or at the patient’s private residence. Receive the results report from a highly advanced lab. The facility and testing process are fully accredited and approved by the FDA.

Med2u Inc. offers the groundbreaking and painless method of sample collection which is the RT-PCR Sputum collection. It’s as simple as a spit in a cup and eliminates any patient discomfort.  The Sputum collection delivers the highest sensitivity for Covid-19 detection with minimal contact. RT-PCR Nasal swab testing is also available if specifically preferred. Both tests are FDA approved and accepted in all countries around the world.


Doctor Offices Timetable

If a test is completed by 630P EST Monday through Friday, receive the lab report results at the end of the following business day. The lab is closed on Sunday. If a test is completed by 12N EST on Saturday, receive the lab report results by end of day on Monday. Consistent and reliable timing with our results enable you to firmly schedule your plans ahead of time with peace of mind.