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Med2u Inc. specializes in efficiently testing entire teams on site in less than 15 minutes. Our proven method of group testing and our preplanned testing process is highly praised with efficient results. A certified health care specialist will be on site to collect the samples with an organized and prompt approach.

Schedule weekly or customized recurring testing to fit your company needs. Reduce your liability and increase safety assurance with the most advanced RT-PCR testing. Should you have a positive result in the office we’ll work with you to configure a testing plan for heightened screening.

We understand the importance of keeping your business open and staffed and we’ll get your team back to work as soon as in one day with our reliable testing process and our consistent results time frame. 

Med2u Inc. offers the groundbreaking and painless method of sample collection which is the RT-PCR Sputum collection. It’s as simple as a spit in a cup and eliminates any patient discomfort.  The Sputum collection delivers the highest sensitivity for Covid-19 detection with minimal contact. RT-PCR Nasal swab testing is also available if specifically preferred. Both tests are FDA approved and accepted in all countries around the world.



If a test is completed by 630P EST Monday through Friday, receive the lab report results at the end of the following business day. The lab is closed on Sunday. If a test is completed by 12N EST on Saturday, receive the lab report results by end of day on Monday. Consistent and reliable timing with our results enable you to firmly schedule your plans ahead of time with peace of mind.