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Business and Corporate Testing

Bring your employees back to the office and maintain a safe work environment.


EZRIRX - Health Care -

With our employees’ hectic schedules, it is extremely helpful to have the on-site clinic for when our employees are available. They are able to efficiently get tested without any added stress. We were able to smoothly integrate our employees back to our office covid-free. Thank you so much!!  

Ensuring A Safe Work Environment

We understand the challenges of integrating your employees back into the office while maintaining a safe work environment. That’s why our top priority is preventing the spread of Covid-19 and taking control of precautionary measures in the workplace and beyond, providing you the freedom and confidence that comes from knowing the health of your employees is protected. 

With Med2u Inc.’s integrated office testing, you’ll mitigate the risks of Covid-19 transmission in your workplace and ensure the safety of your company, employees, and clientele.


Customized Testing Integrated With Your Workplace

We offer a dynamic range of the most up-to-date, reliable testing options available at our On Site Clinics. We make the process of testing entire teams and organizations simple, safe, and fast by setting up a clinic in your office or from a testing van on site. Two or more trained technicians are available to test employees at each On Site Clinic from 8 am to 5 pm.


Our established and secure testing procedures use API Technology to track and report symptoms, monitor exposure, and send test results to HR after the testing is done. For PCR and Rapid Antigen tests, results are available within 30 minutes of on site testing.

Flexible Testing Options To Fit Your Workplace Needs

We adapt to your daily operations, number of employees, preferred testing days, and schedule to fit the specific testing needs of your workplace. Med2U Inc. offers two comprehensive options for testing.


Option 1: Med2U Technicians on site every day, providing testing on demand.  


Option 2: We work with your schedule and test all of your employees on a preferred day or days. 


Testing Options

Med2U Inc. offers the following Covid-19 testing

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• Nasal Swab or Collection

• Method Saliva Cup Results

• reported within 24-48 hours 

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• Lower nasal swab samples

• Results within 60 minutes  

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• Lower nasal swab samples

• Results within 15 - 30 minutes 

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